Controversial Books

This page contains our list of publications containing hot gossip and hot stories about players, clubs and legends.

The Jack Dyer Story $29.95 (incl. GST, with delivery $38.95)

The Jack Dyer Story

Football champions will come and go but one of them will go on forever. The legendary Jack ‘Captain Blood” Dyer is a man apart from all the others. From his blood curdling playing days to his wild ride with the media his is the greatest football story ever told.

The Greatest $39.95 (incl. GST, with delivery $48.95) (Sold Out)

The Greatest

THE GREATEST is an essential addition to your library shelf. Nowhere else will you find the in depth biographies of the most famous personalities Australian Rules has produced. Jack Dyer and Brian Hansen’s provocative and absorbing study of the 100 most colourful and headline dominating personalities of Australian Rules

Wildmen of Football $29.95 (incl. GST, with delivery $38.95)

Wildmen of Football Vol 1

The No. 1 Dyer best-seller that launched the most popular football series of all. Hard hitting, provocative biographies of the wildest characters of sport. Jack Dyer – Mad Dog Muir – Dermott Brereton – Lethal Leigh Matthews – Darren Millane and Madcap Jacko – Mark Jackson.

Capt’n Blood’s Wildmen 2 $29.95 (incl. GST, with delivery $38.95)

Capt'n Blood's Wildmen 2

Jack Dyer has never been better. Even more mayhem with Wildmen of Football Vol 2. Includes the full, wickedly violent story of the greatest spearhead of all Tony ‘Plugger’ Lockett.

We knew that sequel was inevitable when the wildmen gathered for a grand luncheon to celebrate the publication. Stunning yarns of the past flowed with the wine… and we mean stunning.

If Ya Dont Mind, Umpire! – Wildmen 3 $29.95 (incl. GST, with delivery $38.95) (Sold Out)

If Ya Don't Mind, Umpire! Wildmen 3

Jack Dyer’s Wildmen of Football Vol 3 carries the full biographical stories of the life and times of the umpires most tormenting trio – Ted Whitten, Ron Barassi and Big Bad Carl Ditterich.

And still they come. Volume 3 of this classic series features the colourful careers of three of the most controversial characters Australian Rules football has produced. It also tells the extraordinary stories of the game’s most flamboyant umpires and their feuds with the wildmen of the game.

Mal Brown – Mongrels I’ve Met $29.95 (incl. GST, with delivery $38.95)

Mal Brown, Mongrels I've Met

The Mal Brown story. The most entertaining and dramatic football book yet written. The controversial footballer/coach/power broker tells a story to astound. It was one of sport’s top ten books of the year. Scot Palmer of the Melbourne Herald Sun said this story of corruption, mysterious death and huge international money laundering read like a James Bond novel.

Percy $29.95 (incl. GST, with delivery $38.95)


‘PERCY’ The most extraordinary character of his day Peter ‘Percy’ Jones changed the character of the dour Carlton Football Club in a 249 game career that included four premierships. In this sparkling stream of anecdotes on and off the football field gives the reader a colourful and rib tickling funnyman’s view of the eccentrics of the code. At the same time Percy provides an absorbing insight into the feuding and fighting that has been so much part of the Carlton club. There is laughter in every page.

Screamer! The Story of the Centurions $29.95 (incl. GST, with delivery $38.95)

Screamer - The Story of the Centurions

The only book ever published that tells the full anecdotal history of the most stirring players in Australian Rules football – Coleman – Lockett – Ablett – Dunstall – Pratt – Coventry – Vallence – Peck – Capper – Jacko

SCREAMER…! The only goal by goal history of the greatest goal kickers of Australian Rules Football 1850 on… From Thurgood, Lee and Coventry to Ablett, Dunstall, Lockett and Lloyd. It is one of the most stimulating, anecdotal accounts of the game’s most exciting players. Stories never told before by the heroes themselves.

Wildmen of Cricket $29.95 (incl. GST, with delivery $38.95)

Wildmen of Cricket (Cover)Foreword by Australian Test skipper Greg Chappell -acclaimed by Wisden. These are the greats of cricket – temperamental, provocative even disturbing. They dared to be different and that’s what set them apart from the rest. They yielded to no man and whether they stood their ground with willow or orb they triumphed against all adversity. The gritty side of the not so likeable Donald Bradman and the bullying wicked ways of Ian Botham. Also Lillee… Warne… Marsh… Lara… Imran Khan and the man who started it all W. G. Grace. There has never been a more provocative and readable cricket book.